The 5 Benefits of a Breast Lift

A breast lift, technically known as mastopexy, can effectively treat sagging or ptotic breasts. Breast lifts are sometimes combined with other surgeries like breast augmentation to achieve optimal results.

Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed breast enhancement procedure. However, for many women, the cause of their poor breast appearance has nothing to do with size. If you have moderate to severe sagging of the breasts, you may lack confidence in your overall appearance. These are 5 benefits of a breast lift to achieve a better breast appearance

The procedure lifts and firms breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue and muscles. This procedure can also help get rid of stretch marks on the breasts. This popular surgical procedure can also reduce the size of the areolas if they have become enlarged over time.

Considering these factors, we have created a list to help you during your research.

1. Firmer Breast Appearance

While you want your breasts to sit high on the chest, you also want them to have a firmer look and feel. If you experience sagging, your breasts can feel deflated. When we lift the breasts, we provide them with new support so they can maintain that firm appearance.

2. Improved Nipple Projection

There are many degrees of ptosis (drooping) identified by poor nipple projection. If your drooping breasts have nipples that point down toward the floor, a breast lift can help. By reshaping the breasts, we can reposition the nipple-areolar complex, giving it a more natural, forward projection.

3. More Attractive Breast Shape

Deflated breasts can lose the attractive shape you may be looking for in your breast appearance. By lifting the breast tissue, we are able to restore a more attractive and supple breast shape.

4. Youthful Breast Appearance

Breast sagging is common with aging, post-pregnancy, and weight loss. Since high, perky breasts are often associated with youthfulness, a breast lift can restore that youthful position and projection you desire.

5.  Reduced Under Breast Irritation

Low sitting or sagging breasts can lead to skin irritation caused by excess skin. During your breast lift, we can also perform a minor breast reduction to reduce the amount of excess breast skin to improve painful chafing.

During a consultation, your plastic surgeon can help you determine whether a combination procedure or breast lift alone will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for Your Breast Lift

Before committing to a breast lift surgery, you must do your research properly and consider some factors before deciding who to trust with the task. Factors to consider include your surgeon’s training, credentials, experience, and patient before-and-after photos or reviews.

Women interested in having a breast lift should discuss this procedure with their physician to see if it is the best choice. They should determine what type of results they can expect—having realistic goals before the surgery allows women to have a positive experience with their post-surgical results.

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