Sunscreen: Year Round Necessity

Our skin care patients are no strangers to our sunscreen lecture, and with good reason. We know sunscreens help prevent sun damage (that lobster look doesn’t suit anyone!) and skin cancer, which in turn preserves youthful skin.

It’s never too late to start protecting your skin with a broad spectrum sunscreen (of at least 30) for your health and looks! Pam Jendritz, RN, also reminds us that it is crucial to apply sunscreens daily, even on overcast days. Just because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean the sun can’t see you! This is why we encourage patients to use sunscreen year-round.

recent Australian study affirms that regular sunscreen use can slow skin aging. Over 900 adults under 55 who regularly applied sunscreen at least once a day saw 24 percent less skin aging compared to those who were left to follow any sunscreen habit they preferred.

Combine your favorite sunscreen with an antioxidant to fully protect your skin against UV and environmental damage. We offer a wide selection of both sunscreens and antioxidants. Browse them online at Your Skin Shop, or call us at 616 451 4500 to schedule a free skin consultation.

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