How The Bra-Line Back Lift May Benefit You

You may be exercising diligently and strictly maintaining a healthy diet, but you still cannot get rid of excess bulges of sagging skin and fat around your middle and upper back. A bra-line back lift is a cosmetic procedure that takes care of this issue. The surgery got its name for its objective of firming and contouring the upper back, precisely where a woman’s bra line usually passes.

Who should have a Bra-Line Back Lift?

Despite its name, the bra-line back lift is not exclusively for women; men can also benefit. Weight fluctuations can affect the quantity of fat on your middle and upper back, but sagging skin because of aging is also linked to this problem. Therefore, a bra-line back lift is an ideal solution for this problem, as it will accomplish the following:

• Eradicate unattractive bulges and visible fat rolls in the upper mid-back area.
• Remove extra tissue on the middle and upper back.
• Give a smoother, tighter, and better-shaped back profile.

What to Expect with Bra-Line Back Lift Surgery

The first step is to meet with a doctor at Plastic Surgery Associates. You will discuss expectations and have a detailed explanation of the procedure, including pre-and post-operative requirements. You must stop smoking at least a month before the procedure to avoid complications, and may also be requested to stop taking certain dietary supplements or medications.

Before the procedure, you will be put under general anesthesia. Your doctor will make an incision across the intended area to remove extra skin, then reattach it to maintain a tighter appearance. The process typically takes between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Bra-Line Back Lift Recovery

This procedure is done on an outpatient basis. After a brief recovery onsite, you will be sent home to be taken care of by family or trusted friends. A bra-line back lift takes 7 to 10 days to heal. During this time, you may feel more tired than usual; therefore, ensure that you listen to your body and take a rest when needed. Avoid strenuous exercise and activities while you recover, as they could bring setbacks in the healing process.

In addition, do not wear a bra or any form of support. After two weeks, you can wear a loose-fitting, breathable bra until one month is over. Do not take a shower for at least 24 hours after surgery. The incision site will experience tenderness, swelling, and bruising, but this will reduce as you heal.

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