What Do Our Physicians Listen to in the O.R.?

Do you whistle while you work? Is there a Pandora station or CD you have on constant rotation at your desk? We asked our physicians what they like to listen to while they are in the operating room. See what they said below!:

Dr. Douglas Vander Woude
“Favorite bands : Cake, Weezer and the Rolling Stones.
Other stuff I like: Elvis, Johnny Cash, various blues artists (Stevie Ray, Albert King, BB King).”

Dr. John Renucci
“I enjoy a wide spectrum of music in and out of the operating part due to having a house full of women at home (three daughters in particular). In the OR the tone of music largely depends on the type of surgery that I am doing.  I listen to relaxing music like Coldplay, Keane, One Republic, Eddie Vedder, Phillip Phillips during facial aesthetic procedures and more energetic music for breast and body contouring procedures (top hits on Pandora, Green Day, Death Cab for Cutie, Cake, Bruno Mars, Pitbull).  Of course, the nurses in the room make the final decision.”

Dr. Marguerite Aitken
“I enjoy just putting on Pandora and listing to an appropriate genre.  Sometimes we vote, sometimes the case tells us what to play!  That means Fitness Pop for active procedures like liposuction and Jack Johnson for quiet Monday morning cases.”

Dr. David Alfonso
“I listen to Pandora in the OR. The most common stations are Hall and Oates, classic rock from the 70’s, and alternative from the 80’s…Nothing from the 90’s, a mediocre decade for music in my humble opinion.  I also let patients pick the artist they would like to hear before they go to sleep to help them relax.”

What do you listen to while you work? Leave us a comment!

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