The Latest Trends in Cosmetic Surgery: What You Need to Know

We often hear about trends in fashion and makeup, but trends regarding surgical procedures don’t come up as often in conversation. Plastic surgery results vary from being short term or long term, just like trends do, so it is important to know what cosmetic surgery trends will last for ages, and which ones are only experiencing their fifteen minutes of fame. When deciding what plastic surgery procedure you would like to have done, taking these trends into account can help you make an informed choice about what suits your personality and goals now, and far ahead into the future.

Of the many plastic surgery procedures currently trending, here are six that can enhance your beauty and confidence right this moment and for years to come.

Natural-Looking Body Enhancements

This last year has seen a dramatic shift from exaggerated curves, Brazilian butt lifts, and large breast augmentations, to more subtle and natural-looking body enhancements. With the trend swinging in the opposite direction, more natural and low-key silhouettes are requested by patients all over. This is the perfect trend for patients who are looking for subtle enhancements versus a big and bold change. The best part is, natural bodies and pure beauty will never go out of style.

Subtle Face Rejuvenation

Subtle changes are an overall trend in cosmetic surgery right now, whether you are addressing a part of the body, or your face. As a result, patients are looking to preserve their appearances at a younger age by making small and subtle changes in their 40s and 50s, rather than waiting to do a drastic and more invasive cosmetic procedure later on. The mini facelift is an ideal choice for those looking for increased support and smoothness without doing a full facelift. A mini facelift also has less risk of scaring and a shorter recovery time, making this a great option for a subtle face change with an active lifestyle.

Eye and Brow Boosts

For those who want a more targeted enhancement treatment, eyelid and brow lifts are current trends in cosmetic surgery that offer a subtle, youth-restoring change. Eyebrow and eyelid surgeries help to open the eye area and create a more youthful and brighter look without using fillers, which are only a temporary solution. Eyelid and brow lifts create a more natural lifted look that allows you to maintain your full range of facial expressions.

Short-Term Upgrades

If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent bodily or facial change, semi-permanent and short term solutions like dermal fillers and fat injections are a popular cosmetic trend. Unlike trends of the past that included bold, inflated features, these products are now being injected in a way that achieves a more natural look. We saw fillers being used to plump lips to the point of nearly popping, but now the trend leans towards subtlety, catering to those who want to boost their look without going overboard. Fillers injected in both the face and parts of the body are trends that are going to stick around, but with a natural approach in mind.

Strategic Liposuction

An everlasting trend in cosmetic surgery is liposuction. This procedure is done to help remove areas of stubborn or unwanted fat that diet and exercise alone do not seem to address. Because this problem is never going away, neither is the solution. The difference is, now we’re seeing strategic liposuction being done to more specific areas of the body such as the legs, ankles, or waist. This creates an hourglass figure while keeping the overall shape of the body as natural as possible. Strategic liposuction allows you to treat these stubborn areas of fat, without changing your whole body in the process. Targeted and strategic liposuction is the cherry on top of all the hard work you’ve put into your health an body.

Money-Saving Procedures

In any economy, people are always looking for ways to save money even when it comes to their beauty and style. Money-saving procedures that have longer lasting results are also on the rise as a trend in cosmetic surgery as a way to prevent continuously spending money on expensive products, treatments, and maintenance appointments. Making an initial investment upfront into procedures that will last ten years or more such as facelifts or a Brazilian butt lift saves money in the long run by reducing the number of doctors visits and maintenance appointments.

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The most important consideration with any cosmetic procedure is knowing which procedure fits your style, personality, and goals. Trends come and go, so while the current popular procedures lean more natural, it’s important to choose the enhancements that are right for you. The doctors at Plastic Surgery Associates in Grand Rapids, MI are here to answer your questions and figure out a cosmetic surgery plan that fits your needs, preferences, and budget. Schedule a consultation today with one of our helpful and friendly team members to learn which procedure bests meets your beauty goals.

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