Prioritizing Your Safety: A Smart Approach to Plastic Surgery

Patients often feel a range of emotions after receiving aesthetic surgery: elation, confidence, anticipation, or anxiety. Most of these post-operation emotions are positive, but negative responses scare many away from achieving their aesthetic goals. Luckily, you can easily ease your anxieties with a comprehensive knowledge and professionally made surgery and recovery plan:

Knowing Your Budget

In the initial decision stage, you may be tempted to choose the cheapest surgery option possible, but this ends up being more costly in the long run. Cheaper options are often performed by inexperienced practitioners who are not board-certified. Cosmetic procedures are major surgeries, and treating them carelessly can negatively impact your body– from botched results to life-threatening complications. These complications will require another procedure, hospital visits, or professional interventions to correct them, wracking up more medical bills in the process.

Rather than jumping into the cheapest option, you should really research your options firsthand. Trusted doctors will schedule a consultation prior to any operations, and you can find their experience online. Once you’ve found a reputable doctor, you should schedule a consultation to walk through the costs, results, and overall process of the operation and recovery. If you cannot afford an operation currently, it is always a better idea to wait a little longer and save up for a board-certified surgeon rather than cutting corners (most likely to your body’s detriment).

Choosing Location

Recovering from a major surgery, though manageable, takes a toll on the body. Preparing and planning ahead for recovery is crucial to seamless results. Immediately after surgery tends to be the most pertinent point of recovery since your wounds are at their most vulnerable. Because of this, it is important you find a location that is convenient as well as trusted. In the United States, trusted practices are those accredited by the AAAASF, AAAHC, IMQ, JHACO, and Medicare. Choosing somewhere close to home is ideal so you can recover comfortably with your provider nearby in case there are complications. However, if you cannot find a trusted provider near you, you can travel and recover nearby until your surgeon approves returning home.

Nevertheless, it is recommended you stay within your country if you choose to travel. This better ensures there are no complications both with your surgery and your recovery during travel. Accreditations for plastic surgery practices in different countries vary, which can increase your risk for surgical complications. Additionally, you’ll want to stay local so that there are no emergencies that delay traveling home when your body is vulnerable. There are plenty of qualified and experienced surgeons all over the United States, like the Plastic Surgery Associates of Grand Rapids.

Finding the Right Surgeon

The level of training your surgeon plays a vital role in the outcome of your results. Where a doctor was educated, how long they have been practicing, and what their specialties are are important questions to consider when finding the right practice. It takes years of dedication, schooling, tests, and continued education to receive and maintain board certification status all to ensure your health and well-being. For that reason, you should always rely on a board-certified surgeon, like the specialists at Plastic Surgery Associates.

Having a discussion with your surgeon at PSA before surgery will help not only the operation day but also the entire recovery process. Our expert team is waiting to support you in your aesthetic procedure journey and walk with you every step along the way. If you are interested in our services, schedule a consultation!

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