Facial Contouring & Implants

What is Facial Contouring & Implants?

Facial contouring changes the structural elements of your face—your chin, cheeks, or jaw—by inserting implants. This procedure can make your face more balanced by adding fullness, making your cheekbones higher, your chin more prominent, or your jawline stronger and wider. If you are considering facial contouring, think carefully about the changes you want and look for clear, specific photos to help your doctor understand the look you want.

At our office, we perform the following facial implant surgeries:

  • Chin
  • Cheek
  • Jaw

Plastic Surgery Associates also offers a non-surgical means of facial contouring, using injections of fat cells taken from your own body. Ask your doctor which procedure will work best for you.

Who Can Benefit from Facial Contouring & Implants?

Men and women who are interested in improving their facial symmetry can often benefit from facial contouring and implants. Ideal candidates will be physically healthy and at a stable weight, nonsmokers, and have realistic expectations for the outcome of their surgery. Please contact our office today to schedule a consultation appointment to get started.

The Procedure

Depending on the area you wish to improve, your procedure steps may vary. These may include:

Chin surgery

An incision is made either inside your lower lip or externally in the skin under your chin. The doctor lifts the tissue off your chin bone, creating a pocket for the implant, which is usually about two inches wide. The implant is stitched in place and the incision is sewn up. The procedure usually takes 30 minutes to one hour to complete.

Cheek surgery

An incision is made inside your upper lip. If you are having a facelift or forehead lift as well, the doctor usually uses the external incision made for those procedures. The implant is tucked between the tissue of your cheek and your cheekbone and stitched in place. The procedure usually takes one hour to complete.

Jaw surgery

The incision is made inside your mouth along the lower jawline, and the implant is placed directly on the jawbone, under the tissue. The procedure usually takes one to two hours. Since facial implants are typically inserted through the mouth, your gums and mouth must be healthy.

Facial Contouring & Implants Recovery

With chin and cheek surgery, the stitches dissolve or are removed after a week, and if you have had a mouth incision, you may be put on a liquid or soft food diet for a week or so. The area that was operated on will likely be stiff and sore for a week.

The recovery time for jaw surgery is longer. The swelling is often greater, and you may not be able to smile or move your mouth for several weeks. You may be put on a liquid diet for the first week.

With all facial surgery, you should be able to return to work after about a week, but the bruising and swelling will not diminish for two or three weeks after surgery.

Facial Contouring & Implants Testimonial

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Outstanding care and results! I have been coming to Dr. Renucci for over 20 years. He and the entire PSA staff genuinely care about their patients.

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