Choosing the Right Size: Tips for Selecting Implant Size for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with implants is the most popular plastic surgery procedure among women. If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, this is the best option available for improving their size and shape. Once you have decided breast augmentation is right for you, the next step will be to choose your implants. The following are some tips on selecting the right size.

What Is the Most Common Size Breast Implant?

Because all women are unique and have different body types, needs and preferences, there are different breast implant sizes available. They are sized by cubic centileters (cc), which can make it difficult to understand the size compared to bra sizes which are measured by the cup size. However, it’s important to keep in mind the bra size that you re hoping to achieve when choosing your implant size. The most common breast implant sizes range from 300cc to 500cc, with 400cc being the most popular. Most women choose among this range because these sizes offer the most natural appearing breast size, while still providing noticeable change. The best way to choose an implant size for your breast augmentation is to consider certain factors. Those include the size and build of your body, your weight, your breast shape and size, the amount of breast tissue you have and your chest wall.

What Are the Smallest Size Breast Implants?

Often, breast implant sizes start at 125cc, but it’s sometimes possible to choose them as small as 80cc. Although many women opt for medium-sized ranges, smaller implants selected for breast augmentation can enhance a woman’s bosom without being obvious. Women with smaller, slimmer frames often benefit from going up a half-cup or cup. Smaller implants also result in smaller scars. With a smaller scar, you’re also likely to heal faster. Implants starting at 125cc or other small sizes also allow you to continue performing your regular activities like exercise.

What Are the Largest Size Breast Implants?

The largest breast implant size is 800cc or higher and is more appropriate for women who are already larger or prefer a much bigger bosom. They are available in both silicone and saline, but saline can be more easily resized.

What Factors Affect Your Breast Implant Size?

On average, breast implants go from 200cc to 850cc. The size you choose should depend on factors like your body shape and size, weight, natural breast width, waist-to-hip ratio and your proportions. Your personal preference and comfort should also factor into what size implants you choose for your breast augmentation.

Comparing Sizes and Choosing Your Implants

Bra manufacturers don’t work in cubic centiliters, so it can be challenging to determine the right size breast implants. However, the rule of thumb is 200cc for every cup size you want to increase. When choosing your implant size, it’s best to go with what makes you feel most comfortable. If you prefer to be subtle, smaller implants are better, but if your body type can handle larger breasts, something bigger might be better for you.

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