Botox as a Preventative Antiaging Treatment

When is the right time to start using Botox? Botox is one of our most popular nonsurgical treatments that smoothes facial lines and wrinkles to reduce the signs of aging. For those hoping to stop wrinkles before they start, preventative Botox is an increasingly popular treatment to consider.

Botox is an injection that relaxes muscles just enough to smooth wrinkles that appear on the forehead and at the corners of the eyes (“crows feet”). Other nonsurgical approaches like wearing sunscreen and using anti-aging skin care products can help slow the hands of time at a topical level, while Botox is a deeper, more noticeable solution with natural looking results.

Some are wary of preventative Botox because their lines are minimal or nonexistent, but beginning treatments at an earlier age can relax muscles and prevent lines from deepening, which in turn can put off more aggressive treatments like CO2 laser or surgical intervention. Botox is approved for ages 18-65 and is performed in our office by experienced board-certified plastic surgeons and injection specialists.

At Plastic Surgery Associates, our injection specialists Pam Jendritz, RN, and Jeanne Eyde, DO, will customize your treatment to maintain a youthful appearance. “Quality skin care, a healthy lifestyle, and daily sun protection are of upmost importance,” said Dr. Jeanne Eyde. “Botox is an excellent proactive anti-aging treatment to preserve your skin. My patients who start using small amounts of Botox before significant facial creases form have the best long term results.”

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