9 Solutions to Sunscreen Issues

Our skin care specialists have heard every sun screen pet peeve and excuse under the sun from clients who won’t wear SPF. We’re here to debunk those excuses and offer resolutions for the sunscreen averse! Read on:

I don’t need another step, and sunscreen feels heavy with my makeup
Try a double duty product that’s easy to layer! We have several sunscreens that also act as a daily moisturizer. SkinCeuticals’ Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF50 is thin with a tint that adjusts to your skin tone. For guys (and ladies!) TURO Skin Daily Moisturizing Lotion + Sunscreen is lightweight and moisturizes. Both of these have a neutral scent and glide on smooth.

I don’t wear sunscreen if it’s cloudy or I’m in inside all day.
Unless you spend your days in a cave, there’s no escaping sun exposure. UVA rays can penetrate clear glass and they are consistent year round, rain or shine. Laser and injection specialist Pam Jendritz, RN, reminds her patients “Just because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean the sun can’t see you!”

Sunscreen makes me break out.
Don’t take sun damage now to avoid breakouts later. Look for non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic formulas that won’t clog your pores. Waterproof sunscreens seal in oils and sweat which can sometimes cause pimples. Opt for face specific formulas that we carry at our office.

I don’t like thick sunscreens with a white cast!
We don’t either! We offer plenty of formulas that provide just as much protection without making you look like a ghost. Be sure to spread evenly to avoid a tie dyed sunburn! For the face one of our bestsellers is Revision Intellishade SPF45. Many of our clients love it as a replacement for their summer foundation or BB Cream. It’s moisturizing and gives you the sun protection you need. Check it out in original or matte formula.

I’m wary of chemicals in sunscreens.
There are chemicals in everything from the food we eat, makeup we wear, detergents, to hair dyes and hair products. Fear not when it comes to SPF protection. Our products are from medically directed skin care lines not available in stores and are hand selected by our physicians and skin care specialists.

If I wear sunscreen I won’t get enough Vitamin D.
Why risk sun damage, premature wrinkles, and skin cancer when the safest way to get vitamin D is from supplements or, even better, a well balanced diet? Try foods like sockeye salmon, fortified milk, eggs, or mushrooms.

I want a base tan.
Any change in skin color as a result of sun exposure is an injury to your skin. A recent study found that Caucasian women living in the U.K. who vacationed in warm climates had 74 percent more moles than other women. Those moles lead to a greater risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Tanning beds aren’t safe either – your risk for developing melanoma increases by 75 percent for tanning bed users under 30. Try bronzing powders or a sunless tanner if you want a glow! There are so many great products available.

I don’t burn.
If you have darker skin, that does not mean you are at a lower risk for getting melanoma. Although melanoma rates are highest among Caucasians, African Americans have a lower overall survival rate because too often melanoma isn’t diagnosed until an advanced stage.

Sunscreen burns my eyes.
Be selective about products that you apply close to your delicate eye skin that can run into your eyes when you sweat and cause irritation. We love SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense SPF50 that is specifically formulated to protect thinner, sensitive skin around the eyes. It also contains a universal tint that adjusts to even your skin tone.

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