If you are among the estimated 40 to 60% of men with gynecomastia, or overdeveloped breasts, Plastic Surgery Associates can help. Even though this condition is rarely talked about, it is actually quite common. A number of factors can contribute to gynecomastia, including age, heredity, hormones, certain medical conditions, and drug or alcohol use. Though it usually does not pose any risk to your health, the condition can be a source of self-consciousness. To correct the condition, we surgically remove fat and or glandular tissue, leaving the chest firmer, flatter and better contoured.

Gynecomastia can be treated on healthy, emotionally stable men of any age, though children and teenagers might want to wait, as their excess tissue may disappear over time. The best candidates for surgery have firm, elastic skin that will reshape to the body’s new contours.

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The Procedure

The doctor usually begins with a mammogram, to rule out any chance of breast cancer and to determine whether the type of tissue involved.

If it is primarily fatty tissue, the treatment is usually liposuction. The doctor makes a small incision in the targeted area and inserts a cannula, a hollow tube attached to a vacuum. The cannula breaks up the fat and suctions it out.

If it is mostly glandular tissue, the doctor usually cuts out the excess tissue through small incisions in your armpit and the border of your areola (the dark skin around your nipple), where the scars will be less visible. The doctor also may use liposuction with this procedure.

This is typically an outpatient procedure that takes about an hour and a half. If your treatment is extensive and requires an overnight stay, we will perform it in one of the local hospitals where we have privileges.

What Can I Expect?

After either procedure, you will be bruised and swollen. To control the swelling, you will wear an elastic pressure garment during the day for a few weeks and longer than that at night. You should be able to return to work within a week, though you will need to avoid strenuous activities for two or three weeks. The results are permanent as long as your weight remains stable.


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