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Lessening a scar’s appearance

The severity of a scar is based on many factors, including skin thickness and color, the size and depth of the injury, and the blood supply to the area. In the same way, many factors influence a person’s reaction to scarring — the location of the scar, how extensive it is, whether it impairs your body’s movements.

If you have a scar that makes you self-conscious or that impedes your movements, scar revision may help. Our office can lessen a scar’s appearance and help restore function using several surgical methods. Many scars can also be treated with steroid applications or injections instead of, or in combination with, surgery.

Before you decide on scar revision, keep in mind that many scars become less visible with time. You may want to wait as long as a year before pursuing a solution. You should also be aware that no scar can be erased completely.

What does scar revision involve?

Our surgical methods include:

  • Z-plasty
    The doctor removes your old scar and makes new incisions on each side, forming triangular flaps of skin. The flaps are then moved to form a different angle, creating a Z pattern. Z-plasty is usually an outpatient procedure, with the stitches removed a few days later.
  • Skin grafting
    We use skin from a healthy part of your body to cover the damaged area. New blood vessels and scar tissue then form.
  • Flap surgery
    Skin and the underlying fat, blood vessels and sometimes muscle are transferred from a healthy part of your body to the damaged area.

Skin grafting and flap surgery are more complex procedures, usually requiring a hospital stay. If this is the case, your surgery will be scheduled at a local hospital where our surgeons have privileges.