8 years ago

Enhance Your Lips with JUVÉDERM®

Watch the above video to see Pam Jendritz, RN and injections specialist, demonstrate a lip injection with JUVÉDERM®

For those looking to perfect their pout, a quick JUVÉDERM® treatment can give you fuller, natural lips that last up to six months. This injectable filler uses hyaluronic acid; a naturally hydrating substance found in all living organisms that provides volume and fullness to the skin.

Sensation varies from patient to patient, but the gel we use contains lidocaine to make you more comfortable during and after your treatment. Some women interested in lip enhancement express fears of “duck lips. Rest assured that Pam Jendritz, injections specialist, and our board-certified physicians make sure your lips don’t enter a room before you do. At your appointment Pam or your doctor will speak with you about the look you want. A little bit of JUVÉDERM® is all it takes to give you fuller, luscious lips!

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