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Grand Rapids spider vein reduction

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Reduce the visibility and the noticeability of spider veins. Plastic Surgery Associates partners with Dr. Laura J. Kelsey, MD, general surgeon who specializes in the treatment of spider veins.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are tiny venous capillaries that appear as noticeable as blue or red blemishes. They are very superficial in the skin and can be associated this varicose veins.

How are spider veins treated?

Treatment is usually sclerotherapy. It is not typically considered a medical condition and therefore, insurance does not usually subsidize the cost of treatment. In each patient, we are able to clear 70-80% of the spider veins we treat. Depending on the extent of the spider veins, multiple treatments may be required.

Are there any complications?

Treatment is very safe although occasionally pigmentation or a brown discoloration of the skin can occur. This usually fades over the course of a year and laser treatments can be used to lighten these as well. Sun exposure will increase the likelihood of pigmentation and should be avoided while the veins are fading. Rarely a small ulceration may occur as a result of the chemical solution. This will heal on its own in 4-8 weeks.

Will veins re-occur?

There is always a chance that new veins will become varicose. If a proper physical exam and ultrasound guided evaluation are done to determine the origin of the problem, the treated veins are unlikely to reoccur.

Laura J. Kelsey, MD

Dr. Laura Kelsey received her Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan and her MD from Michigan State University. She specialized in general surgery and breast disease before joining the Grand Rapids Vein Clinic in 2005. Dr. Kelsey has presented at international meetings on the subject of blood coagulation, as well as publishing in a variety of medical journals. The skills and knowledge that she has gained over her career makes her perfectly suited to treat all types of vascular conditions. Having spent most of her life in the state of Michigan, Dr. Kelsey is a valued member of the Grand Rapids community.